Food prices crash! Deflation zone, more incredible supermarket bargains and pictures

by admin on 19 August 2007

Yes the food prices really have crashed at your local supermarket folks! It’s unbelievable! Here’s the result of following the advice given in this article Money saving tips on grocery shopping Tesco bargains

Take a look at some of the incredible bargains bagged here. I mean just feast your eyeballs on these! First up we got a light & creamy mandarin cheesecake at only 20p! As Marie Antoinette would say: “let them eat cheese cake, tons of it!”

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Let them eat cheese cake bargains for sweet tooth

Next up we have our second desert for the night: A delicious Summer pudding a bargain at only 70p!

Let them eat summer pudding

Worried that you didn’t get your greens, well don’t worry it’ll only set you back 20p. Here’s the cheapest salad you’ll ever find bar growing it yourself of course!

Cheap salad bargain tesco

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