Saving money on flights; Ryanair What payment method to use?

by admin on 3 September 2008

Did you know that you can save yourself a few quid on flights with Ryanair if you are willing to use a Visa Electron card?
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Let”s see an example and fly Ryanair from London Stansted to Marsellie, France.  It seems I got lucky and found one of those one pound flight offers which includes all taxes and charges! Here’s a screen shot:
One pound flight

Now it’s time to hand over our £1.00 pound for our trip to France, we’ll do it by UK Maestro debit card. Select “UK Maestro” in the Payment Type option. Whoa! What was that?  Suddenly the price of our flight has shot up 400% to £5.00

Maestro card with ryanair

In fact, selecting “Card/Payment type” as “UK maestro” or any credit card such as Visa/Mastercard etc. results in a £4.00 surcharge!

The only exception is when you pay by Visa Electron: The total saving is £4.00 per person. Though some card providers charge £1.50 on the transaction, it is still much cheaper than using a credit card. Time to get yourself a Visa Electron card and save money on flights today!

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