A summary of what to do to tackle your debt problem

by admin on 18 August 2009

I wanted to start by giving a one page overview of what to do to tackle your debt problem. The main actions of the Information Gathering Stage and of each solution are depicted below:

1. Read the articles in the debtsecrets blog once through
2 Gather information, complete your statement of affairs and determine your disposable income.
3 Read the solutions section to get an idea what debt solution best fits your situation.
4. Prior to choosing a solution, do these things immediately including reducing your expenditure and reclaiming your bank charges.
5. Get independent professional advice
6. If you are not skipping (thinking of leaving the country due to a debt problem)  then  choose a solution


Having determined whether you fit into the solvent (applicable debt solutions will be in the left column of the table below)  or the  insolvent (applicable debt solutions will be in the right column of the table below) choose the solution approriate to your situation and get professional advice as required.

[table id=1 /].

Continue with more financial questions and checks to ask prior to choosing a debt solution

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